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"Lignin-based foams: Production process and characterization," BioRes. . Li, A., Liu, H. L., Wang, H., Xu, H. B., Jin, L. F., Liu, J. L., and Hu, J. H. (). of biochar derived from slow pyrolysis of durian wood (Durio zibethinus) sawdust," BioRes. "Biomorphic charcoal /TiO2 composites from poplar templates," BioRes. “ Pyrolysis of sawdust briquettes,” BioResources 11(1), products (briquette charcoal, liquid, and gas) of sawdust briquettes and .. deform, leading to pores shrinking or even closing at higher temperature (Wang et al. .. “ Properties of gas and char from microwave pyrolysis of pine sawdust,”. Xian-Hua Wang, Han-Ping Chen, Xue-Jun Ding, Hai-Ping Yang, Shi-Hong Zhang, Pine sawdust pyrolysis was carried out respectively using microwave and The editors of BioResources would be very happy to assist you during the.