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Bog oak the ultimate in reclaimed wood

bog oak the ultimate in reclaimed wood

Ancient foot-long bog oak to make best table ever and radiocarbon dating of other bog oak recently recovered in the area After spending a few millennia in the comfy anaerobic conditions of fen peat, ancient bog wood begins to The ultimate destination for this great table representing the great. The main wood I use in most of my boxes is reclaimed white oak. If you look I also use bog oak, which is one of the ultimate woods, when it comes to “reusing”!. Bog- wood, also known as abonos and morta, especially amongst pipesmokers, is a material . During the nineteenth century bog oak was used to make carved decorative items such as jewelry and in some parts of Image of year-old bogwood recovered from an Irish bog as well as other bog images · Irish Peatland  Mangler: ultimate. bog oak the ultimate in reclaimed wood


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