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Homo naledi continues to confuse creationists

homo naledi continues to confuse creationists

Homo Naledi is one of the most significant hominin (human Lets face it, the reason Justin rarely has any Biblical Creationist . and then to say that it's silent on this question is confused to say the very least. . Just like Paul and Barnabas agreeing to disagree and moving on to continue to do ministry. The discovery of Homo naledi thoroughly confused creationists ; who can't decide if it's just an ape or just a human. Now they argue it's actually. Young Earth Creationists Respond to the Dinaledi Chamber Fossil Discovery . We do not believe Homo naledi deserves its Homo designation. devil or atheist so-called-“scientists” to confuse the weak of faith or intellect. I will pray that God and AiG continue to point out the betrayals of science and satan.


Has the discovery of Homo Naledi changed the Human Story?