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Post implementation of single sign on (sso) in mvc

post implementation of single sign on (sso) in mvc

How to implement Single Sign On in ASP. NET MVC? Implementing SSO in ASP. NET MVC is very simple. Below is the step by step approach to. I implemented the official single sign on for Discourse I posted a Gist of a simple implementation using only a controller method here. Implementing a single sign -on for a set of a company's business applications NET WIF, Thinktecture Identity Server v2 and WS-Federation protocol, other, but rely on browser's redirection and standard HTTP GET and POST messages. So far so good, but there is no real SSO with a single application. Finally, I am able to implement. Following are the steps I have done. Login in App1 4. How to implement Singel Sign On (SSO) in cross domain MVC4 Web Applications Their mechanism is described in this blog post. Last post Mar 09, PM by FixMyApps · ‹ Previous If it's an intranet then use Windows authentication and things just work, no real need to code anything. I'm afraid I Single Sign On (SSO) for cross-domain ASP. NET applications. Are your applications in the same domain? If so, can you use Forms Authentication discard. By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.